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The collectible cars' journey visit SOS Children's Village Neradim.

The collectible cars' journey came to visit SOS Children's Village Neradim.

An exciting and joyous event in SOS Children's Village Arad. On Thursday, March 22, they stopped at the village as part of the "Holy Land Rally 2018".

Your event in SOS Children's Village Neradim as part of the "Holy Land Rally 2018" was very significant one for our children. The children had a positive and empowering experience, due to your decision to come to visit them. The visit itself exceeded our expectations and imagination and the children were very excited. The positive encounter with the car owners strengthened the children's self-confidence and enabled them to glimpse into a magical, special and very unusual world right in their back yard. We thank you for the support, care and lots of love you left behind in the village. Thank you for the generous gifts and for a fun day filled with surprises.

Yaniv Yahav, Neradim Children's Village Director: "I’m privileged to welcome Holyland rally to Neradim village.

Neradim SOS Children's Village was founded 37 years ago for the purpose of giving to at risk children a warm, loving home. Yes, for 37 years this place has been a home away from home to these children who for no fault of their own need us.

Our history is of hundreds of children being loved, playing, laughing, crying and much more here in our village. I have seen these wonderful children coming here not believing in themselves and with the dedicated work of our staff, we see them growing with their own dreams, with their own ambitions, and leaving Neradim with the ability to achieve them.

Our Neradim kids grow up, they go to the army, they get productive jobs, they have families and are good people. These successes are our fuel. This lets me wake up (no matter what time it is..) with a smile knowing what we do matters.

As you all can see we are located in the special and beautiful city of Arad. The city of Arad sees Neradim as part of their city and so do we.

I want to thank each one of you personally for letting our kids be part of your dreams"

E. a pre-teen who lives in the children's village: "When I came here 5 years ago I couldn’t imagine that I could start from fresh a clean page for me to live. but here I am in a place me and many others can call home. I would like to thank the SOS organization for giving us the opportunity to live peacefully and equally, second I would like to thank you in the name of the whole village for taking a break here and giving us the chance to watch and enjoy these wonderful pieces of art."

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for being part of a wonderfully happy day in Neradim Children's Village! We hope to see you soon!

Some photos from the event - video coming soon:

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