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Shalom everyone!

Thank you so much for participating in the special Yom Ha'atsmaut Shabbat Service, and for listening to my story.
we would first and foremost like to thank the clergy and production team at Beth El for this amazing opportunity to introduce myself to your wonderful community

"I was very lucky to grow up in an SOS Children's Village in Israel".

This wonderful organization has two main programs:

Two Children's Villages – Megadim in Migdal Ha'Emek and Neradim in Arad (where I grew up). The villages are a warm and loving home for children aging 6-18 who were removed from their homes by the Welfare Services due to abuse, neglect, violence and inability of their parents to take care of them.

The dedicated and loving staff at the village never gives up on any child – helping them, slowly with patience and love, believe in people again and especially in themselves. The children in the village have a happy childhood, despite their very complicated life circumstances, and grow up to be wonderful and contributing citizens to the Israeli society. 90% of our graduates enlist in the army and we couldn’t be prouder!    


"Bridge for Independence" – for youth aging 18-25 who grew up in "alternative care" (an out of home placement/foster care) and at the age of 18 don’t have a home to return to. Some of the youth have grown up in an SOS Children's Village and we are also open to others in similar circumstances. Until recently the Welfare Ministry's support would simply stop at age 18. Were your children ready for complete independence at 18? Research shows that decisions taken in this age range determine how the rest of our lives will look like. Without parental support, these youngsters are at risk of taking decisions which will not benefit them in the future. In order to answer that need, we have 14 apartment around Israel where the youth can live, free of charge. Above a roof over their heads, they receive help, support and guidance in their first steps in the adults' lives. Whether they decide to go to the army, to study or to work, our professional staff and social workers are there for them, giving advice and guidance, letting them know they are not alone and always have someone to count on!

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Please join us in our mission of creating a brighter future for them and for many other children who deserve an equal chance to have happy and healthy lives!

Donations for SOS children

"I was lucky to grow up at sos children's villages. unfortunately there are thousands of children whose home is not a safe place for them".
SOS children's village Israel believes that a loving home for every child is a necessity. By donating today, you will help us give these children a loving, safe and stable family environment, a childhood and a chance for a better future.
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